Network & Inspiration Night

On November 6th, the GMM association hosted the 3rd Network & Inspiration Night.

This time the theme was “Digitalization – how to use data in decision making”.

The guests were Mark Kok who is a Change Manager from Siemens Gamesa, and Maria Jensen, a Machine Learning Engineer from NeuroSpace.

Mark talked about how the HR organization, in specifics to Change Management, is affected the fast development in data in society as a whole, and how they have to relate to that.

At NeuroSpace they work with Machine Learning to optimize the production for all types of companies.

Maria talked about data structure, collection and how they use data for the Machine Learning algorithms. We also discussed whether companies have the sufficient data or not.

GMM Graduates

On June 28th 2019, 4 new GMM graduates received their diploma and are now GMM Engineers. 

This year the “Graduate of the Year” prize was awarded a GMM Graduate for engaging in, and taking responsibility for, the study environment, turning around the financial situation for the Friday Bar and for working with sustainability – Nikki Jepsen, well deserved!

Company visit – Kyocera

On February 6th the GMM association hosted a company visit to one of our sponsors, Kyocera Unimerco in Sunds, followed a social get together afterwards. We were shown around the factory two of the Production Managers and got an introduction to the company and our possibilities with them through the Human Resource Department. The 21 participating students spent time together talking and making connections afterwards with sandwich and soda. It was an interesting and fun event! Thank you Kyocera Unimerco and AU Herning Fonden for making this possible sponsoring a student association!

Network and Inspiration Nights

On October 10th the GMM student association hosted the very first event – Network & Inspiration Night.

We were inspired Niels Møller Jensen, CEO Herning Vand, Steffen Skaarup Filtenborg, IT Relations, Johnny Oliveira Moeller, Carlsberg who were so kind to come and give presentations about leadership, management and sustainability, and to network with students and graduates who attended. It was a successful, inspiring and fun evening where many new connections were made.

Thank you Kyocera Unimerco for making this possible sponsoring a student association!

Studying the American way

My name is Emma Pagh and I’m studying GMM at my 5. semester. I currently study abroad in Madison, Wisconsin at University of Wisconsin-Madison. It’s a big university with around 44.000 students. Madison is a cool (smaller) city, between two lakes which is nice! There’s a lot of activities going on all the time, so it’s hard to choose what to do, beside studying and hanging out with other exchange students and americans as well. 

I’m taking the following courses; Logistics Mgt., Fundamentals of Supply Chain Mgt., Strategic Mgt., Project Mgt. and Digital Manufacturing Technologies for Enterprise Systems, which are courses in both the Engineering School and the Business School. The courses are quite interesting especially Digital Manufacturing Technologies for Enterprise Systems. 

After a couples of weeks adjusting to the new school system I actually really like studying here. Each course has 2,5 hours of teaching every week and additional readings, polls, online discussions and hand-in assignments every week. In some of my classes I’m not allowed to take notes computer, so in the beginning I struggled adjusting. It’s kinda like “gymnasiet” – just at a university level. Additionally, my grades are compiled participation, assignments, group work, midterms, case studies and the written final exam. My classes are of max. 40 students, so the professors are really trying to encourage participation – in that way it reminds a lot of the GMM study in Herning. 

Now it’s October and a lot of things are going to happen – midterms, football games, weekend trips with and without ScanDesign, Halloween etc. ScanDesign is a foundation, which purpose is to build bridge between Danish students in Madison and American Student in Denmark. They arrange cool events for all of us Danish exchange students, we are around 25 from KU, DTU and AU, and American students who either have been or are going to Denmark. This coming weekend we are going on a trip to Warrens Cranberry Event as well as going to stay at 3 Bears Resort and hiking with ScanDesign. 

From October 3rd to 6th you can find me on the snapchat of Aarhus BSS called “bssoutgoing” – follow it if you want to get a look into my everyday life while studying abroad. 

If you have any question regarding study abroad or the study in Denmark, please feel free to write me on

You will soon hear from me again, 



New GMM students…Welcome!

Welcome to all the new students stating Global Management and Manufacturing program.

This year we welcome more than 30 new students. The first week the program was an introduction to relevant stuff in their time to come as students at Aarhus University. The program was mixed up with former students from the GMM program presenting their story about how they have used their education, a great opportunity to see a lot of different ways that the program can be used. At the BBQ the new students had the opportunity to meet all the current students, a great evening with a lot of network and talk.   

From the GMM Association we will like to welcome all the new students and we hope that we will see all you guys in the time to come. Enjoy the pictures of some of the new guys and welcome them whenever you have the chance.

Founding General Assembly May 18th

The Founding General Assembly was on May 18th 2018 – and we had a very good time. Nice food and great company. All semesters were represented, so that was great!

People started showing up around 17.00, for a drink and a chat while the barbecue was heating up. 

After dinner, the agenda was presented, and the meeting went on for more than two hours, where we went through the -laws, and elections of board members.

I would like to introduce the GMM association board members elected at the founding general assembly on May 18th.

Chairman – Christina Hansen
2nd chairman – Jens Christian LeFevre Munkgaard
Treasurer – Vera Petersen
Board member – Emma Pagh
Board member – Nikki Jepsen
Board member – Andreína Vielma Gómez
Board member – Nikolaj Vadstrup Pedersen
Board member – Mikkel Christian Kors

The board represents the GMM programme well and consists of students from across semesters, one from the Masters programme and one member who is turning in his bachelor this summer and will represent former students.

GMM board members

Implementation of robotics in CRP1

For our CRP1 – 1st semester project – we were to implement a robot in the production layout. 

We chose to use the robot to do the electrical test for the extension cord. The robot checked for continuity in the electrical circuit. If it detected an error, a message with an error code would appear on a screen to inform the worker which error was found. A custom designed continuity tester, that could be handled the robot, was developed. This tester consisted of two parts which both were connected directly to the robots control inputs. 

Volunteer for IDA

IDA is a union for engineers and engineering students, where one can get insurance and help with many things, such as job opportunities. Members can also participate in the events, both of social and professional character, that IDA offers.

Some of the events that IDA offers are created the association, IDA Event. This is a sub division, that focuses on the students and therefore it is students that are running it. The students running IDA Event voluntarily meet after school to discuss different opportunities to create events for other students and engineers. The meetings are casual and mostly consist of catching up on the current events, and networking with fellow students. Once per semester IDA Event are brainstorming and planning new events for the following semester. The events, that are agreed upon are then divided out to the students in IDA Event and therefore all members of IDA Event are responsible for 1-3 events during a semester.