Study Abroad at RMIT in Australia

Study Abroad at RMIT in Australia

Hello everyone, my name is Vera Petersen. Currently, I am on my 5th semester and doing a study abroad at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) in Australia.
I am a part of the Danish minority in Germany and would therefore argue, that I can be counted as both a Danish as well as international student in Denmark. I just want to point out, that even though you might already be studying abroad in Denmark, I still think, that a study abroad in a different country is a great opportunity!!

Studying at RMIT is quite different from studying at BTECH in Herning. With around 85.000 students spread out over three campuses in Melbourne, the size of the university is very different from what I am used. I was expecting, that the size of the university would also influence the size of my classes. Even though we in some courses are around 200 students, it is only for tests that these show up. In my classes, we would normally be around 10 to 30 students sitting in way too big rooms. Lectures at RMIT are recorded which makes it possible to watch them online and at any time wanted. The study load for each courses is 3 hours/week. One subject spreads those hours up into a 1 hour lecture and 2 hour tutorial whereas the other subjects have 3 hour seminars and are hold in the evening so that students can participate in the classes after their working hours.

Now it is the end of October and my semester is already almost over. The courses I was taking were postgraduate courses as I had to find courses with the same contents as the courses at AU (from next semester the structure has been changed, so that it is easier to study abroad – so don’t worry!). Instead of “Supply Chain Management and Strategy” I had the courses “Strategic Operations and Supply Chain Management” and “Engineering Economic Strategy” and instead of “Company Related Project 5” I had “Project Management” and “Business Project Management”. Apart from those courses that I have been enrolled in, I voluntarily followed the course “Management of Automotive Manufacturing” and learned about lean principles in the Automotive Industry.

When I first saw my time schedule I was surprised as I only had 12 face-to-face lessons, which is very different from the busy GMM schedule. This did however turn out to be perfect for my semester abroad as it gave me the opportunity to explore Melbourne and the area during the week and the weekends. Studying at RMIT offers many opportunities as there are over 100 different clubs, free fitness classes and even free food and beer, cider and soda for the student associations’ members every Thursday. RMIT Trips offers trips within Melbourne and surrounding to explore the area with fellow students. I have spent most of my weekends joining the cheap trips and enjoying the National Parks around Melbourne, going surfing and snorkelling and exploring Melbourne’s good Brunch places. During the week, I spent most of my time with friends I made during our introduction days and with friends I made through the RMIT Mates program, where a student who has been at the university for at least one semester, meets once a week with a group of new students and shows them around (and drinks free coffee).
In general, student life at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology is great and I have enjoyed spending my time here!

If you have any questions regarding GMM, studying abroad as an international in Denmark, studying at RMIT or just in general any other questions, please feel free to contact me on


Studying the American way

My name is Emma Pagh and I’m studying GMM at my 5. semester. I currently study abroad in Madison, Wisconsin at University of Wisconsin-Madison. It’s a big university with around 44.000 students. Madison is a cool (smaller) city, between two lakes which is nice! There’s a lot of activities going on all the time, so it’s hard to choose what to do, beside studying and hanging out with other exchange students and americans as well. 

I’m taking the following courses; Logistics Mgt., Fundamentals of Supply Chain Mgt., Strategic Mgt., Project Mgt. and Digital Manufacturing Technologies for Enterprise Systems, which are courses in both the Engineering School and the Business School. The courses are quite interesting especially Digital Manufacturing Technologies for Enterprise Systems. 

After a couples of weeks adjusting to the new school system I actually really like studying here. Each course has 2,5 hours of teaching every week and additional readings, polls, online discussions and hand-in assignments every week. In some of my classes I’m not allowed to take notes computer, so in the beginning I struggled adjusting. It’s kinda like “gymnasiet” – just at a university level. Additionally, my grades are compiled participation, assignments, group work, midterms, case studies and the written final exam. My classes are of max. 40 students, so the professors are really trying to encourage participation – in that way it reminds a lot of the GMM study in Herning. 

Now it’s October and a lot of things are going to happen – midterms, football games, weekend trips with and without ScanDesign, Halloween etc. ScanDesign is a foundation, which purpose is to build bridge between Danish students in Madison and American Student in Denmark. They arrange cool events for all of us Danish exchange students, we are around 25 from KU, DTU and AU, and American students who either have been or are going to Denmark. This coming weekend we are going on a trip to Warrens Cranberry Event as well as going to stay at 3 Bears Resort and hiking with ScanDesign. 

From October 3rd to 6th you can find me on the snapchat of Aarhus BSS called “bssoutgoing” – follow it if you want to get a look into my everyday life while studying abroad. 

If you have any question regarding study abroad or the study in Denmark, please feel free to write me on

You will soon hear from me again,