Founding General Assembly May 18th

The Founding General Assembly was on May 18th 2018 – and we had a very good time. Nice food and great company. All semesters were represented, so that was great!

People started showing up around 17.00, for a drink and a chat while the barbecue was heating up. 

After dinner, the agenda was presented, and the meeting went on for more than two hours, where we went through the -laws, and elections of board members.

I would like to introduce the GMM association board members elected at the founding general assembly on May 18th.

Chairman – Christina Hansen
2nd chairman – Jens Christian LeFevre Munkgaard
Treasurer – Vera Petersen
Board member – Emma Pagh
Board member – Nikki Jepsen
Board member – Andreína Vielma Gómez
Board member – Nikolaj Vadstrup Pedersen
Board member – Mikkel Christian Kors

The board represents the GMM programme well and consists of students from across semesters, one from the Masters programme and one member who is turning in his bachelor this summer and will represent former students.

GMM board members