Implementation of robotics in CRP1

For our CRP1 – 1st semester project – we were to implement a robot in the production layout. 

We chose to use the robot to do the electrical test for the extension cord. The robot checked for continuity in the electrical circuit. If it detected an error, a message with an error code would appear on a screen to inform the worker which error was found. A custom designed continuity tester, that could be handled the robot, was developed. This tester consisted of two parts which both were connected directly to the robots control inputs. 

Volunteer for IDA

IDA is a union for engineers and engineering students, where one can get insurance and help with many things, such as job opportunities. Members can also participate in the events, both of social and professional character, that IDA offers.

Some of the events that IDA offers are created the association, IDA Event. This is a sub division, that focuses on the students and therefore it is students that are running it. The students running IDA Event voluntarily meet after school to discuss different opportunities to create events for other students and engineers. The meetings are casual and mostly consist of catching up on the current events, and networking with fellow students. Once per semester IDA Event are brainstorming and planning new events for the following semester. The events, that are agreed upon are then divided out to the students in IDA Event and therefore all members of IDA Event are responsible for 1-3 events during a semester.